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Community Garden


Centreville Baptist Church is starting a community garden, with the intent of bringing our community together, with a focused purpose of gardening and raising healthy, nutritious vegetables.

The Garden will be spaced and maintained to allow people with mobility issues to still access the garden and participate. The row paths will be flat and wide enough to allow for walkers and wheelchairs to easily navigate. 


We are providing this free of charge to the community. Produce raised will be sold to garden members, at very low cost, to help cover the expense of the garden. Also, a certain amount will be given to needy families in our community at no cost.



We will be Planting around the second week of May. However due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, The public will not be able to participate. We are moving forward with this exciting project in the hope that restrictions will be removed in the near future, and we will be able to gather to enjoy the garden.

Mac Berry Farms has graciously donated the land for our Garden. It is located at 1279 Sherman Belcher Rd in Centreville. Look for our sign!



We have a large variety of crops we are planting. Here's some on the list:

If you have suggestions and there's still time to plant, we just might get

them in the ground.

Get In Touch!


- Sweet Peppers

- Green Peppers

- Tomatoes

- Green Beans

- Yellow Beans

- Cauliflower

- Broccoli

- Lettuce

- Cucumbers

- Carrots

- Peas

- Squash

- Zucchini

- And More

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